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Zutara Month Day 7 - Melt

Katara sat down on the hard bench, making sure the dark green jacket covered every inch of her jeans from the morning dew. She absently smoothed the wrinkles in her shirt before pulling the heavy, grey textbook out of her bag with a grimace. Flipping…


your heart taking root: melt, day 7/28 of zkmonth 

melt [verb]: to become liquefied by warmth or heat. 

"You keep biting your ice cream.” Zuko sounds vaguely horrified, like biting through your ice cream is tantamount to committing mass manslaughter or something along those lines. But Zuko’s always been a little fussy, just about drowning in his idiosyncrasies, so Katara forgives him - mostly because he looks cute when he’s affronted, all bendy lips and squinting eyes. 

Regardless of how cute she thinks he is, she’s not about to conform to his petty eccentricities. So she opens her jaw wider and sinks her teeth into the dollop of ice cream’s center, bottom lip nudging up against the sugar cone. 

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A/N: Continuation—PART 1 ("hidden")PART 2 ("sleep"), PART 3 ("confession")

rating: T

prompt: day 4 - “garden”


"You’re such an idiot!” the killer-girl hisses, but a brilliant smile has erupted over her oh-so-lovely face, electric blue eyes scanning the darkened, empty palace gardens in the dead of night, her fingers digging into Zuko’s cloaked forearm. “Who brings a waterbending prisoner to the gardens at night? You’re asking to be killed, Princey-Boy—”

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